Irina Rabkina

About Me

Hello, and welcome to my page! I am currently a graduate student with the Qualitative Reasoning Group at Northwestern University (PhD, Computer Science). As a researcher, my interest is at the intersection of how our knowledge about the brain can inform computation (i.e. Artificial Intelligence) and how computation can inform our knowledge about the brain (i.e. Cognitive Modeling). As an academic, my interest is in making computer science education more approachable, especially to girls and women. As a Californian transplanted to Chiberia, my interest is in finding warmth in the winter, dry air (and a microbrew) in the summer, and some mountains in between. I have a BA in Neuroscience from Scripps College (2014) and an MS in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago (2015).

About This Page

This page will mainly reflect my academic and research interests. Look for links and musings related to the flurry of AI research currently getting press, information about my own research, as well as my mentoring activities.

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